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Modeled after our fiber-blend and GLX Trout Series spinning rods, this dynamic group of ultra-light and light spinning rods cover all the bases for catching trout on bait, lures and most especially... marabou jigs. They all feature fast actions with soft mid-sections and just a subtle hint of power in the butt-sections for long-range casts and positive hooksets. They are designed to protect light line and still have enough power to handle even the biggest surprises. We used GL2 graphite to create a durable, yet enjoyable fishing experience. They have the G.Loomis signature composite cork and species cork blended handles with small grips, a cork mid-body reel seat with a delicate look and feel. There are four 1-piece and two 2-piece models in the series. Whether you fish from the shore or a boat - a lake, river or stream - there's a model designed to cover each situation. They'll let you know everything that's going on at the end of your line and you will be pleasantly surprised at how tough they are. It's what you've come to expect from G.Loomis!

Key Features

  • High-modulus graphite construction
  • Moderate to Fast Classic G. Loomis actions
  • Ultra-sensitive and durable
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington

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G Loomis GL2 TROUT JIG detail image 1
G Loomis GL2 TROUT JIG detail image 1

Models Available

GL2 TROUT JIG Product Variants
Sku Model LengthPowerAction PiecesLine (lb)Lure (oz)HandlePrice
11980-01 GL2 561S TJR 4'8"Ultra LightFast 1 2-61/32-3/16A $279.99
11981-01 GL2 600S TJR 5'0"Ultra LightFast 1 1-41/32-1/8A $279.99
11982-01 GL2 720S TJR 6'0"Ultra LightFast 1 1-41/32-1/8A $279.99
11983-01 GL2 782-2S TJR 6'6"LightFast 2 4-81/16-5/16A $344.99
11984-01 GL2 861S TJR 7'2"Ultra LightFast 1 2-61/32-3/16A $289.99
11985-01 GL2 841-2S TJR 7'0"Ultra LightFast 2 2-61/32-3/16A $344.99




    Since 1982, we’ve pushed the boundaries of manufacturing technology, materials innovation, and product design. That’s why G. Loomis rods deliver superior performance, heightening angler experience and effectiveness on the water. While there are countless examples of this philosophy in action, one technology in particular encapsulates our drive to build the most advanced rods in the world: Multi-Taper Design.

    Multi-Taper Design is best described as a series of “micro-tapers” within the overall taper of the rod. This unique, proprietary process allows us to use more material on potential break points and less material everywhere else. To accomplish this, we manufactured a custom rolling table...and it’s the only one in existence today. The result is a catalog of precisely defined actions that strike a perfect balance between durability and performance.

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