The Ultimate Swim Fly Rod

G. Loomis Unveils the NRX+ SF

With enticing baitfish motion, multi-point articulated "swim flies" are now an essential pattern in every serious bass angler's box. This massive innovation in streamer fishing has inspired an entirely new paradigm in rod design, one that can deliver long, heavy flies on hyper-accurate casts and properly animate those flies on the retrieve. To meet the unique needs of swim fly anglers, G. Loomis unveils the NRX+ SF: An intricately designed rod with a quick-loading action for punching flies into tricky cover while transmitting every twitch, bump, and slide directly to the fly for precise swimming action on the strip.

"The swim fly technique was born by taking the lures that conventional anglers were using for big bass in moving water, and then translating those lures into flies at the vice," notes Michigan swim fly aficionado, outfitter and fly shop owner Mike "Schultzy" Schultz. "The result is a long, heavy, articulated fly that quite literally swims through the water and drives bass crazy – as long as anglers can deliver it where those fish hide and impart the right action. The new NRX+ SF rod does precisely that: It provides fly casters with the best tool available to become better swim fly anglers."

Loomis engineered the NRX+ SF with Dynamic Recovery Technology, a blend of several premium technologies that creates an exceptional rod. The Mega Modulus+ graphite matrix and GL8 resin system, combined with the industry's most advanced compound taper construction process, creates crisp actions with smooth, rapid recovery. The key to achieving these performance characteristics is a reimagining of G. Loomis' proprietary Multi-Taper Design technology to yield lightness, strength, and action.

"Dynamic Recovery Technology enables everything that we want the NRX+ SF rod to do," asserts Steve Rejeff, G. Loomis Director of Engineering. "It makes the rod strong and stiff enough to easily manage a heavy fly and subsurface line and deliver that fly into tight spaces bordered by rocks and trees. At the same time, the GL8 resin and Mega Modulus+ high-performance graphite matrix make the NRX+ SF surprisingly light, reducing angler fatigue over a long day of repetitive casts."

"The tip section of the NRX+ SF is particularly powerful for the line rating," notes Rejeff, "with the tip almost two line sizes more powerful than a typical rod of the same rating. This adjustment makes it easier for the angler to manage a weight-forward fly line and a heavy Game Changer fly, which constitutes a significant load to lift from the water. Dynamic Recovery Technology in the NRX+ SF facilitates every aspect of delivering swim flies."

Each NRX+ SF rod measures 8'8" – just a touch shorter than the typical 9' length — and for good reason. "An 8'8" rod is the perfect length for delivering swim flies on typical 25 to 50-foot casts, providing directional control, accuracy, quickness, and particularly lightness," continues Rejeff. "Quite simply, it is a shorter lever, which makes it easier to lift and cast a heavy fly and line, accurately and repetitively, without getting tired."

"G. Loomis designed the NRX+ SF rods specifically for the way that we fish swim flies," Schultzy affirms. "The 8'8" length is much more accurate than the traditional 9-foot rod. They cast at distance and up tight and are perfect for animating the fly in the water."

Refinements continue down the entire length of each NRX+ SF rod. Anglers will find a hybrid guide train with Recoil snake guides and Titanium SiC stripper guides. A full wells, AAA grade cork grip provides comfort and control while chasing big bass. The custom aluminum reel seat with fighting butt provides leverage over hard-fighting trophies. G. Loomis handcrafts each NRX+ SF rod in Woodland, Washington.

The NRX+ SF is available in two line weights to maximize its versatility. Schultzy recommends the 7-weight (NRX+ 788-4) to cast smaller swim flies from 3 to 5 inches long and the 8-weight (NRX+ 888-4) for delivering larger offerings.

"The NRX+ SF series is an absolute pleasure to fish and is one of the very few rods I've ever held that can make anyone a better angler," continues Schultzy. "I can put this rod in the hands of a novice who struggles to cast 30 feet, and then I can hand it to a rock star, and both will be able to cast better and manage a swim fly more expertly than they could before. The NRX+ SF is the ultimate rod for swim fly anglers."